It’s QUITTING time! When its time to change your job into a career!

Need a Career ChangeIt’s the end of a long day as you anticipate heading home. You notice  your brilliant lipstick has faded to a murky washed off hue of a color. Your perfectly styled up do has managed to reposition itself into a mangled cluster of what used to be a style. Your perfectly pressed brilliant white blouse is crinkled and slightly stained. That look in your eye that started as beaming with enthusiasm are now dull and hazy. A coworker across the way catches your eye with that contagious yawn. You cannot help but gaze at the clock as the minutes wind down, even through these last 30 minutes feel as if it is a lifetime.

Finally – it is “quitting time”. Wait! Hold it right there! We have all heard Career Transition5pm referred to as “Quitting time” for ages. You may even hear the buzz of coworkers in the distance announce “It is quitting time”. But let’s take a moment and dissect this thought, shall we? If we refer to 5pm as quitting time every day, what does that say about our current state of mine? It begins to manifest a negative thought cycle.

Something to think about: Quitting means to give up or resign, to let go or relinquish; to cease, stop, or discontinue; to release one’s hold of; to acquit
This thought now enters the subconscious mind and starts to paint a picture that you may not even know is happening. Sure everyone would like to spend time with their family, attend social activities or maybe even just relax with a good book. But now thinking about the phrase a little deeper, are you having second thoughts yet?

What does your attitude say about you to your boss or other coworkers? Are there are negative habits or phrases you get wrapped in throughout the day? Sure negativity loves company and is the most contagious feeling one can share. One negative person can bring the workplace down for everyone. You’re rare (and extremely fortunate) if you haven’t worked with someone who complains about everything, criticizes everyone, and in general, sees the bad side of everything. To toxic individuals, the glass isn’t half-empty. It’s empty.

Let me be clear—I’m not saying we can’t have a bad day now and then, because that happens to everyone. I’m referring to the people who are unhappy, day in and day out. They’re miserable and determined to drag down everyone around them…because misery loves company, right?

I know that if I owned a company and heard my employees say, It’s quitting time, it would most certainly be stored in the back of my head. Clearly this is not an employee that I want to focus too much of my energy on. All that negativity energy, guess what? -People just want to tune you out. If it is bad enough you may even find yourself without a job.

Find a job you love

“If you make your job your number one priority, it is not loving you back. When you find the career you love, it no longer is work it is PASSION.”
Amanda Scocozzo, C.P.C.

It is time to take action for yourself and there are options.
1. Learn to look at things in a different way. Be thankful this job allows you to put food on your table and the luxuries or necessities you need in life
2. Catch yourself and be aware of your negative thoughts and behaviors. Turn your negative outlook and find a positive way to close the day. Ex: “That was a productive day and I am looking forward to spending the evening at dinner with my friends”
3. Evaluate your current job and decide if it is time for change. Maybe you are truly unhappy and are ready to explore what is out there for you.

Click here to discover how to find out what is available for you in your career ahead.

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