“Something about Mary”, How having a life coach changed her life.

“When your mind & heart are aligned and ready for change, anything is possible”  Amanda Scocozzo, C.P.C.  – Empower Life Coach

My client, Mary was so pleased with the results she received with coaching, she asked if she could give me a testimonial to share. (see video at bottom of the page). I was flattered and excited to share this and her story with all of you.

I have been working with Mary just under two months. I have seen a tremendous shift in her perception of life. When Mary came to me, she was working in a job that was making her miserable but was feeling stuck, and did not know where to turn.  Mary desperately wanted to explore what filled her heart and made her feel alive. After our initial consultation, it seemed this was the number one priority that she needed to change in her life. Although she was unhappy in her current relationship, this seemed to be the number one thing that needed change.

Within a few weeks, by focusing what is possible, and exploring careers that align with her values, interests and talents – we were able to put together an entire list of opportunities that she had never  considered before. I saw the passion come alive in her eyes, as she spoke from deep within her heart and soul what brought her alive.

She was a creative person by nature, but in a right-brained environment handling tedious office tasks which felt like sheer torture for her. She dreaded Monday morning and anxiously counted down the days til Friday at 5pm.

We discovered that Mary loves children. She actually went to school for Early Childhood Development, but lost her passion and purpose along the way. My goal was to re-ignite the purpose and bring her heart alive.

Mary has decided to explore a few different possibilities in working with young children preferably with learning disabilities.  She told me “When I work with children, it feels good to know I am making a difference in their future”. Those words are her daily reminder and drive to find the job that fills her heart. When you do what you love, it is not called work anymore.

Now that Mary is on the right path in finding her career, she was ready to start to explore her current relationship. While Mary loved her boyfriend, she had some concerns.  Mary expressed to me that “Jake” was not supportive in her decisions. Actually not only was “Jake” not supportive,  he was downright abusive.

“Jake” often put Mary down on a daily basis and she told me “She did not feel like a woman when he was around”. Her natural desire to get dressed, and do her hair, and look special for him was no longer there. Not only did she not care about looking special for him, she did not care about herself either. The weight of the relationship was taking a toll on her. It was affecting her friendships and relationships with her family. No one wanted to be around “Jake”.

Those who cared about her told her time and time again, he was no good for her. We all know, when we are in love – it does not matter what others say. We need to learn for ourselves and will make the change in our own time.

Ironically as she became more confident in herself and what she wanted in her future, she gained the strength to separate herself from this relationship that was damaging her kindred spirit. She had stayed with “Jake” because she thought he would change. She did not believe in herself enough to know what she deserved and stand up for herself.

Mary is currently staying with a friend until she settles into her new job. She is very happy and content in the decisions she has made.

I emphasize the decisions she has made, because as a coach I do not tell someone what to do.  My intention and goal is to walk beside my client in this journey to allow them to see what is possible. We work together to discover potential opportunities and set attainable goals while being accountable for the changes along the way.

When my clients discover the answers and prepares to make the necessary changes, they get all the credit. I am merely here to support and guide my clients in the process. We all have the answers in us. Sometimes we just need some direction in getting there.

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