If the shoe fits, wear it! How is your life like a pair of shoes?

What women would say no to a shopping spree of shoes? How many women do you know that have a special shoe for every occasion? Something comes over us and when we see a pair of shoes, there is a “must have” process that comes over us. But not just any shoe, the shoe that is special uniquely for you.


The shoe of your dreams

How many times have you walked down the street and suddenly a mysterious energy is shifting your direction? Something is calling you, an explainable force, and there in front of you stood  an illuminating imagine- like a divine light from Heaven. As you approach, your heart is racing, you are captivated and drawn closer, to arrive to the most beautiful shoes you have ever seen. It must be your lucky say because they are having a one day sale. It was if the God’s brought you here, and you dash inside to try them on. As you placed them ever so graciously on your feet, it was as if you and the shoe had become one. You stood in front of the mirror in awe of their beauty, and knew that you had found the shoe of your dreams. Not only were they more beautiful than you ever imagine, but they massaged the bottoms of your foot as you glided across the floor.


The divine light shines around you, as you cherish the shoes of your dreams

At a glance over your shoulder, there was a long line due to the one day sale. Customers were getting impatient and angry yelling at the sales clerks behind the counter. People were pushing and shoving anxiously trying to get to the front of the line, children were crying, items were being thrown on the floor. You stood there, once again in your divine light, smiling, none of this mattered. There in your arms, were the shoes of your dreams. No one and nothing can take that away. It was not about what the other women were buying, it was what drew you there and brought you to these shoes. 20 minutes later, you reach the front of the line. You look into the eyes of the frazzled sales clerk, who is counting the minutes til her break time. You look at her and smile, expressing your joy in today’s 1 day sale, thank her for her help, and wish her a nice day. These shoes now have not only changed your life, but you have now shared this joy with another and brightened their hectic day.

You are asking yourself now, what can a pair of shoes possibly have to do with me? Well it is not actually about the shoes in a material sense, It is about the energy that you felt when your eyes met these shoes. They were not the usual everyday shoe. There was something different about them. (Look objectively now , as an outsider at the picture above and what do you see?) There is no sole in the front of the shoe. How will this woman walk on the pavement on the streets you may wonder. How will she protect the sole of her foot from getting scraped or cut? Are you wondering how she keeps the shoe on her foot and actually walks in these shoes? Maybe you think these shoes are completely impractical and there will never be a place to put them to use. Are you wondering what people would say or is it influencing your decision now to appreciate the beauty in this shoe?

What happened is is now you are seeing the shoe and analyzing it. You are looking for something to be wrong with it and judging it. That shoe may not be for everyone, but there is someone out there who bought this shoe and fell in love with it, it may be their most prized possession.

Will you buy the shoe for its beauty or judge the shoe for being different? 


What if you stopped thinking, and set yourself free? How different would your life be?

Does it really matter what others think?

How can you stop listening to what others think is best and not let it influence your decisions?

How often have you had something in your life you were passionate about, but over thought it and destroyed it. What if it did not have to be that way.

What if, you could find the beauty and embrace it knowing it was the best thing for you.?

How can you be confident in the choices you make, and align yourself to your personal values?

What is possible, when you live from a place from divine line and no regret?

Leave your comments or thoughts below,

Amanda Scocozzo, C.P.C.


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