Life Coach Training and Support in New York City

Today I decided to create a Support and Training Group for Life Coaches in the NYC area. This is a FREE group to join so please share this link and tell all your coaching friends/peers. 

What is wonderful about this is, as coaches we have so many unique areas that we specialize in and no two of us are alike. We are alwayslife coach training in new york city learning and growing each day from one another and even from our clients. Often, our clients provide the strongest momentum for us to strive to always do better or learn more.

I can hear my teacher/coach’s voice, Steven Filante, clearly in my mind to this day “And there is MORE” .. This quote simply sums up coaching in a nutshell… “And there IS more”. As coaches we know never to accept the initial response on the surface. We instinctively delve in to find the deeper agenda to uncover what is behind or underneath the initial response. But it doesn’t stop there. Why? “And there IS more” of course …  Yes, there is more, below this is the transformational agenda. Now we are getting somewhere. Suddenly those A-ha moments we love so much are starting to form and blossom, then suddenly we see in front of us and in our client – absolute certainty.  Suddenly the confusion and questions our client began with are clear and focused just by a slight shift in perception, or a viewpoint. As Tony Robbins says, “we were only 2mm off between being certain or being uncertain.

We do not have all the answers as coaches as people think we . We have the ability to bring our clients passions alive, and allow them to see in themselves what we saw in them all along.

This group will offer coaches:

  • Networking and Client Referrals
  • Training and guest speakers
  • Opportunity to collaborate and create workshops
  • Share upcoming Life Coach events in the NYC area.
  • Peer to Peer coaching in the NYC area with honest feedback
  • Test run your idea or workshop in front of your peers
  • Marketing and Sales Tools
  • Teach your own expertise
  • Advertise your own Events for a small fee (to help me support the work I am putting in and fees I am paying)
  • Learn new ways of training from your coaching peers to expand your knowledge.

If you are interested in joining, and you are a Life Coach or NLP Practitioner, please sign up at and forward this to a friend.

Thanks, and I hope to see you soon!
Amanda Scocozzo, C.P.C.

(347) 913-LIFE (5433)

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